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Partial Suit
Full Suit
Head Only

Suit Parts

Base Price: $1,000

All Prices listed reflect a base price


A lovely set of hand paws, good for suits and cosplays alike.  Puffy paws with and without claws are available, ask for examples



Standard species tails are about 24" base to tip.  Longer tails and floor draggers, as well as tails with complex designs, do cost more.



Can be made with indoor or outdoor soles, as well as have hard or soft claws (or no claws at all!)



A bodysuit to turn that partial into a fullsuit.  Price varies depending on how complex the designs are as well as if there is digitigrade padding or not.  


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Fursuits and Mascots


Base Price: $1,500

Our partial suits include head, paws and tail.  There are many added extra features you can choose from such as follow-me eyes, horns, sabers etc.  Check out our quote form for more in-depth options.

Platigrade: $2,000

Digitigrade: $2,800

Our fullsuits come with a head, tail, hands, feet and a bodysuit.  Prices fluctuate depending on more intricate parts and more intricate body patterns.  As well as with more extreme padding. 

Full body reference Sheet must be provided.

Suits by Euro

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