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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your commissions open and can I get a quote?

Check our front page to see if commissions are open.  Even if commissions are closed, we are still happy to give out quotes.


What payment forms do you accept?  Can I do a payment plan?

We accept paypal mainly.  Money orders and checks are a last resort option and we will only accept the latter two if the commissioner is on a payment plan.  We do accept payment plans.  For suits, we require a 30% of your quote non-refundable down payment upfront.  

Ex. For a $1500 suit would require a $450 non-refundable, down payment upfront.


Is shipping included in the price?

No, buyer pays for shipping


How long does it usually take to finish a suit/costume/plush etc.?

Once started it can take anywhere from 5-8 weeks.


How does your queue work?

Our queue is the build up of commissioners who we are currently working on.  Most will say the name of the buyer, their commission and, in parenthesis, a completion date due-by if they have one.  If you are looking to get on the list, this will give you a rough time estimate.  If you are looking for something in a crunch, but we have a very long queue, we might have to turn you down or work out another option as we will not jump more than three spots to reach a completion date for a new buyer. 


Queue can be found here: WEBPAGE COMING SOON.  Ask us for our queue.


I don't have a reference sheet, can you work off of a description?

We will not work of a description if you are commissioning a suit.  If you have general art of the character as well as a detailed description as an explanation of what they look like, then we can work with that.  For other projects, YES!  We do work off of descriptions.


Something is wrong with my commission, HELP!

If something doesnt fit/ has fallen off/ needs to be fixed, we will gladly fix it for free.  Simply send it back to us and we will correct the problem.




Terms of Service


We require the buyer to be 18 years of age or older.  If the buyer is under 18, we need a parent to contact us about commissions.


When contacting us about a commission, please refer to our order form.


We reserve the right to refuse business for any reason.



We accept paypal.  We require aa 30% non-refundable, down payment for your project to begin.



Our repair warranty does not expire.  If something tears or falls off, simply send it back and we shall fix it free of charge,  we will cover shipping back to you.  If we find that the product has been mistreated and that is the cause of the damages, we will require a fixing fee.



Cancellations can happen at any time prior to production beginning.  If the product building process has already begun, we cannot return a refund to the buyer.


The Creation Process

When we are ready to begin, we will ask you for measurements of all parts required.  For a suit, this is usually a head circumference, and measurements of the hands and arms or feet and legs etc.  Below is a list of the common measurements that we ask:


Head Circumference
Width of the hand (pinky to thumb when hand is outstretched)
Height of hand, middle finger to end of palm
Shoulder to shoulder width
Shoulder to wrist length
Circumference of widest point on upper arm
Circumference of widest point on lower arm
Circumference of widest point on upper leg
Circumference of widest point on lower leg
Ankle to thigh
Shoe size
Chest circumference/Bust
Waist circumference
Inseam of leg


During the process, we will update as often as we can with WIPs so that, if there is something wrong, we can rectify the situation before the product is completed.  Once a head is completed it is very difficult to make fur pattern changes.  We only use high quality fur in our suit making process, we will consult with the buyer about fur colors and options available before we begin.  A costume can be adjusted, though it is much easier to bring in something than let it out, so if you are unsure of how to measure or fear that something may be too small, measure just a bit bigger.

FAQ and Terms of Service


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